A widescreen film process (under such trademark names as CinemaScope and Panavision) used to create an image wider than conventional television’s. The aspect ratio of most films made with anamorphic lenses today is 1:2.40 (modified slightly from 1:2.35, which was the standard in the 1950s), while the conventional television image’s aspect ratio is 1:1.33.

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auteur theory

Posits that a director is the author of a film/television program in the same manner that a writer is the author of a novel. The director is seen as injecting his/her personal artistic vision into a film/television program, and, over time, certain stylistic and thematic tendencies are discernable in the body of the director’s work.

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The staging of the action for the camera. All of the physical objects in front of the camera and the arrangement of those objects by the director. The organization of setting, costuming, lighting, and actor movement. (In French, the term includes an accent: mise-en-scène, but in English-speaking countries it appears both with and without one.)

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